The Full Chiayi-to-Alishan Bus Schedule and Passenger Guide

The side of a tour bus that says "Alishan Shuttle Bus" on the side and is painted with a cartoon figure of an old Asian woman and tea fields

Welcome to the only webpage on the Internet which shows a complete timetable of every bus from Chiayi to Alishan, Taiwan’s most famous mountain resort! I’ve also written the only English guide to booking Alishan bus tickets online – a must if you want guaranteed seats!

In my older guide to getting to Alishan, I realize the various options and details can be overwhelming. If all you want is the bus times from Chiayi to Alishan (or Alishan back to Chiayi), you’ll find both schedules below.

I’ve compiled the times for all the different buses going from Chiayi to Alishan (and Alishan to Chiayi) from various sources in English and Mandarin. I’ve also included three popular stops along the way: Xiding (for Eryanping Trail), Shizhuo (for tea plantation hikes or staying on a tea farm), and Fenqihu (for connecting to the Alishan Forest Railway).

At the end, I’ve also answered several FAQs about riding the bus from Chiayi to Alishan.

Chiayi to Alishan Bus Timetable

BusChiayi StationChiayi HSRXidingShizhuoFenqihuAlishan
73145:57 (weekdays)7:127:27
731411:09 (Sat/Sun)12:2712:40

Alishan to Chiayi Bus Timetable

BusAlishanFenqihuShizhuoXidingChiayi HSRChiayi Station
73148:24 (weekdays)8:3610:04
731414:34 (Sat/Sun)14:4616:13

If you’re wondering what’s up with all the different bus route numbers, here’s a simple breakdown:

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Alishan Route A (Bus 7329) = Chiayi HSR Station to Alishan. 7329 is the normal route and 7329A indicates the one which will include a stop at Fenqihu. I’ve found these times here, but some times have changed a little since the table was first made (my times above should be the most current ones)

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Alishan Route B (Bus 7322) = Chiayi Train Station to Alishan. 7322C is the normal route and 7322D indicates the one which will include a stop at Fenqihu. I’ve found these times here, but same comment as above.

Buses 7302 and 7314 don’t go all the way to Alishan, but I’ve included them because they go to other popular stops along the same route. I’ve found these times on Mandarin sites.

You can reserve seats for all of these buses online. I highly recommend doing so on weekends, holidays, and especially for cherry blossom season at Alishan (March to April).

FAQs about Taking the Bus from Chiayi to Alishan

A large white statue of a bear wearing a mask that has a Taiwanese flag on it, with more Taiwanese flags on poles and present boxes around him, and Chiayi train station in the background
Catch the bus here in front of Chiayi Station

Now that we’ve got the bus times sorted, there’s a good chance you still have some questions about taking the bus from Chiayi to Alishan.

I know this because people ask these questions all the time in my Taiwan Travel Planning group! For many visitors, transportation to Alishan is the most complicated part of their trip.

Where are the Bus Stops?

At Chiayi High Speed Rail station, catch the bus from the bus station at Exit 2 of the ground floor – go to platform 7. Here’s a station map. See my guide to booking HSR tickets.

At Chiayi train station, the bus stop is right in front of the station. In the above photo, the bear is facing the Alishan bus stop. See my guide to booking train tickets in Taiwan.

Note: there’s a free shuttle bus from Chiayi HSR to Chiayi train station if you have a ticket for any HSR that day. The times are here (scroll down and switch to bus “7212 THSR Chiayi Stn to TRA Chiayi Rear Stn”.

Because buses from Chiayi HSR to Alishan are limited, some people arrive by HSR but then travel to Chiayi Station in the city center, which has more departure times.

A small bus stop beside a small road, with no one or no cars in the scene
Anding bus stop at Eryanping Trail

If you want to do Eryanping trail, get off at Anding stop. For Tea Mist Trail (connected to Eryanping trail), get off at Lincuo stop. The time in my table is for the next stop, Xiding, so subtract 2 minutes for Licuo stop and 4 minutes for Anding stop. I use the time for Xiding because that’s the one listed on the official schedule.

In Shizhuo (incorrectly spelled “Shizhao” on GoogleMaps), the bus stops here in front of 7-Eleven and HiLife.

For any bus that goes to Fenqihu, this will be a 20-minute (return) detour from the highway right after Shizhuo bus stop. The Fenqihu bus stop is here.

A green bus stops at the side of the road to let on some passengers, with two 7-Eleven signs and some shops behind it
Bus stop in Shizhuo

At Alishan, the buses arrive and depart from Alishan Bus Station, which is connected to a 7-Eleven.

From there, you’ll walk through the Alishan National Scenic Area Entrance gate (show your bus ticket to get a 50% discount on the Alishan entrance fee – TWD 150 instead of 300).

Follow the road to Alishan Train Station (10 min) for riding the train to the scenic spots in the park or to the hotels in Alishan tourist village (15 min).

How Much Does the Bus to Alishan Cost?

A one-way bus ride from Chiayi Train Station in the city center to Alishan costs TWD 240. From Chiayi HSR station to Alishan, the ticket price is TWD 278.

If you’re only riding from Chiayi Trail Station to Xiding, Shizhuo, or Fenqihu, the price will be TWD 132, 158, or 175, respectively.

From Chiayi HSR station to Xiding, Shizhuo, or Fenqihu, that will cost TWD 173, 196, or 229, respectively.

What about Kids and Seniors?

Like most public transportation in Taiwan, kids under 6 (age 0-5) ride free – maximum two free kids per one paying adult. Technically, your kid doesn’t get a seat, so if the bus gets full, they’ll have to sit on your lap.

Children aged 6-12 qualify for a 50% discount but only if you pay for the ride in cash and show ID, or if you purchase your tickests online or at FamilyMart.

If you plan to swipe EasyCard for the ride (which is the easiest way), non-local children and seniors can swipe a Concessionaire EasyCard if you have one, but this gives little or no discount compared to adult rates.

In other words, children won’t get the 50% off deal if they swipe with their EasyCard. Only students of schools in Taiwan can get Student EasyCards with reduced fares. Similarly, only local seniors can get senior cards. Learn more in my EasyCard guide.

How Do I Pay for the Bus?

A hand holding up an EasyCard with images of Taipei on it
My Taipei-themed EasyCard purchased at Taoyuan Airport

At non-peak times, most passengers swipe EasyCard to ride the bus between Chiayi and Alishan. At busier times, most people reserve seats (see next section).

Like most bus rides, you’ll need to swipe the card when you get on and again when you get off the bus. The card must have a positive balance before your first swipe (it can go into the negatives after swiping, but you’ll need to reload before your next ride). Make sure to load your card with enough money before boarding. You can do this at any convenience store.

You can also purchase round-trip tickets from Chiayi to Alishan online on Klook. This deal includes two rides on Route A (Chiayi HSR to Alishan) or Route B (Chiayi Station to Alishan).

With the Klook deal, you can get on or off anywhere you want along either route, but only two rides total (ignore the bad English on Klook about 4 times – that means you swipe your card when you get on and off, times two rides, equals 4 times. You’ll get a QR code to swipe.

It’s also possible to pay for the bus with cash, but this is not convenient. You must pay in exact change – the driver is not guaranteed to have change, and will probably get very annoyed if you ask for it.

Can I Reserve Seats on the Bus?

Yes, you can buy Chiayi to Alishan bus tickets from the FamiPort machine in any FamilyMart convenience store in Taiwan, up to 31 days in advance. The machine interface is in Mandarin only – use a translation app or ask the clerk for assistance.

There are instructions for using the machine here, but also in Mandarin. You’ll need to choose or tell/show the clerk the following info: your date of travel, number or seats, and 台灣好行 (Taiwan Tourist Shuttle) from 嘉義車站 (Chiayi Station, bus 7322) or 嘉義高鐵站 (Chiayi HSR station, bus 7329) to 阿里山 (Alishan).

You can also book tickets on FamiTicket, the online version of the machine (again, Mandarin only). After booking online, you’ll need to pick up the tickets at FamilyMart I’ve typed up this step-by-step guide to signing up for and using this site to reserve your tickets. I highly recommend doing it for any weekend, holiday, or cherry blossom season rides.

There is a TWD 10 surcharge per ride for any tickets bought or picked up at FamilyMart. If you miss the bus time that you booked, you can take any other one that day, but you won’t have a guaranteed/reserved seat. Tickets which are torn or stained will not be accepted.

You can even buy partial route tickets, like Chiayi or Alishan to Xiding, Shizhuo, or Fenqihu. You’ll have to start from Alishan or Chiayi, though. You can’t reserve a ticket which involves getting on at a smaller stop.

Who Gets Priority for Bus Seats?

A green Taiwan tourist shuttle bus parked at a station, shot looking at front of the bus, with a line of people preparing to board to the left, and driver in a yellow shirt helping people put luggage under the bus
A line of passengers loading luggage and boarding the bus to Alishan

Only those who book their tickets online and/or pick them up at FamilyMart will have actual reserved seats on the bus.

Everyone else (including those who pay by cash, EasyCard, or Klook QR code) will need to line up and board the bus, first-come-first-served.

Usually, when there’s a long line, the driver will first ask everyone with booked seats to come forward. After that, everyone else in the line will start to board. If the bus gets full before you board, you’ll have to wait for the next one.

When Are the Buses Usually Full?

Alishan is a very popular destination year-round. It is especially popular among foreign tourists, so any day of the week or year can be very busy.

Weekends are especially busy. Long weekends (3 or 4 day weekends), Lunar New Year, and cherry blossom season (March to early April) are crazy busy.

For your best chance to get on the bus without a reserved seat (i.e. paying by EasyCard), I highly recommend that you avoid weekends and holidays, take one of the earliest buses of the day, and/or line up at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Can I Bring Luggage on the Bus?

This is a super common question. But the answer is not surprising – since Alishan is a tourist destination, so many people going there are carrying luggage with them. So yes, you can take luggage on the bus.

At major stops, the driver will open the storage compartment under the bus for passengers to place their luggage. However, if you plan to get on or off at a smaller stop, it might be a good idea to just bring your luggage on board, as long as its not too large.

Taiwanese bus drivers are not always the friendliest or most accommodating people – it’s best to be ready for anything.

Can I Store My Luggage Somewhere Before Riding the Bus?

A row of white luggage storage lockers in a train station
Luggage lockers in Chiayi station

You bet! Make your Alishan trip easier by storing your luggage in a locker at Chiayi HSR station (maximum 3 days or 72 hours), Chiayi Train Station (maximum 24 hours), or at a hotel in Chiayi city. See my recommended Chiayi hotels here.

There are no luggage storage lockers at Xiding or Shizhuo, but there are some at Fenqihu (in the train station) and Alishan (in the 7-11 at the bus station, at the back near the restrooms).

Find out how to use these lockers in my guide to using Taiwan’s luggage storage lockers.

How do I get to Sun Moon Lake next?

Instead of going all the way back to Chiayi, taking the HSR or train to Taichung, then taking the SML bus from there, you can instead catch the direct bus from Alishan to Sun Moon Lake.

Bus 6739 only goes once per day in each direction (departing Alishan at 1 PM and departing Sun Moon Lake at 8 AM). You can swipe EasyCard for it, but there’s often a long line or it’s sold out in advance. Therefore, I suggest you follow my guide to booking your Alishan to Sun Moon Lake bus tickets in advance.

Is the Bus Ride Very Winding?

Yes, the road to Alishan is very winding. It’s very normal for passengers to experience carsickness or even vomit on the ride. Many even bring plastic bags for this just in case.

If you or your kids tend to get carsick, I recommend purchasing some carsickness medication (暈車藥) from any pharmacy in Taiwan – it’s very cheap and always works for my kids.

You may also consider to break up the ride by stopping or spending the night in Xiding, Fenqihu, or Shizhuo. Even if you don’t get sick, I totally recommend this to all visitors to the area just because I love those areas!

Are the Buses Always on Time?

As I mentioned above, bus drivers in Taiwan are not always the most courteous. While the schedules are generally reliable, some drivers may race ahead a little so they can have a longer break somewhere else.

For this reason, I recommend always going to smaller bus stops around 10 minutes early or even longer at major stops to get a good spot in line.

Also, just standing at the stop doesn’t guarantee that the driver will stop. Extend your arm and wave it up and down to indicate you want to get on.

Is there a Toilet on the Bus?

Nope. The buses will sometimes back a brief stop at Shizhuo, where you can run into 7-Eleven or HiLife to use the restroom.

24 thoughts on “The Full Chiayi-to-Alishan Bus Schedule and Passenger Guide”

  1. Wow that’s sooo helpfull! We are actually planning to go to Alishan tomorrow, jan, 26th!

    Thanks a lot!

    Alain et Olivier, Montréal

  2. Yes, if you log in to the website, click your profile at the top right, and it should show your booking, with the option to cancel. If you want to reschedule, you may have to cancel first then rebook a new one.

  3. I am planning to visit Taipei between 1 Apr and 6 Apr this year and to visit Alishan for the cherry blossom. Will it be crazy period to do it as I read in one of your post that this is a long week of holiday for the locals. Can cherry blossom be viewed anywhere else besides Alishan?
    Thanks in advance for your advice!

  4. This is very helpfull. I was able to book our Chiayi-Alishan ticket. Problem is from Ali to Fenchihu, the 14:10 sched has no Fenchihu stop on it. I used google translate.

  5. Yes, I noticed that too and recently added a note to the article about it. I don’t know why they didn’t include the stop as an option. But I suggest that you just buy a ticket from Alishan to Longmei (龍美), which is one of the options. Longmei is not far after Fenqihu, and even though your ticket says to Longmei, you can surely get off a few stops earlier and Fenqihu. Just make totally sure that you’re buying a ticket for (and boarding) one of the buses that indeed stops at Fenqihu.

  6. Normally, cherry blossoms can be seen at Alishan from March to early April. However, this year, the cherry blossoms have started earlier all over Taiwan. They are already fully blooming now at Alishan. So, unfortunately, there is a good chance that all cherry blossoms in Taiwan, including Alishan, will be finished by April. You can double check if there’s any still blooming before you go by checking the most recent reviews on GoogleMaps.

  7. Thanks for the great information! I am staying a night in Shizhuo because of your beautiful notes about it. Assuming I can get a ride to Fenqihu from my B&B from Shizhuo, I would love to take the bus from Fenqihu to Alishan. Can I reserve a ticket on either 7322D or 7329A, pay the whole fare from Chiayi to Alishan, but get on at Fenqihu instead?

  8. Nick, The information that you provide on your site is invaluable and very much appreciated. My wife and I will be visiting Alishan on April 21 (a Sunday) of this year, and will follow your step by step guide on reserving the bus (Chiayi to Alishan). Having said that, I have a question relating to bus vs. Alishan train. If I am lucky and successfully reserve Alishan Express #1 (for April 21) and stop at Fenqihu. Can you speak to how busy is the bus that stops in Fenqihu (7329A or 7322D) on its way to Alishan during the weekend? My preference is to catch either of these buses rather than catch a local bus to Shizhuo and then transfer from Shizhuo to Alishan onto buses coming up the highway from Chiayi. With 3 trains coming to Fenqihu on the weekend, are there a lot of people that will want to continue on to Alishan? Will it be a challenge to get on the 7329A or 7322D at Fenqihu? Or do many people come on the train to Fenqihu or other stops and then return back to Chiayi by train?

    One more question, can you tell me what the difference is between the Jungshing Express and the Alishan express. I see that the Jungshing Express runs only on weekends and have also read that it is NOT reservable. I see in the Alishan Forest official website that the booking system seems to allow a reservation on the Jungshing Express. Is this your understanding and other than time of departure, do you have a preference for Jungshing Express vs. Alishan Express.

  9. Hi there – I’m looking to book 2 bus trips:
    1. Chiayi HSR to Xiding (day 1)
    2. Xiding to Alishan the next day.

    Is there a risk, that even with a reserved seat, that the seats would be taken before we board on day 2, (Xiding to Alishan)?

    Thank you!

  10. No, you can’t do that unfortunately. These buses are very high demand and there’s always a line for them. They won’t leave a seat empty for half the trip for your when there’s always more people hoping to get on. If you buy the seat from Chiayi but don’t show up in Chiayi, they will just let someone else take the seat. Their website (and my article above) also mentions that you can only reserve seats starting from Chiayi or Alishan.

  11. Hi Nick,

    Regarding your response to Tina’s question – does that mean one would need to line up if getting on at smaller stops such as Fenqihu/Xiding/Shizhuo and hope they snag a spot on the bus? Are there alternatives you recommend? We’re travelling with a 3yr old too.


  12. The bus is always quite busy, especially on weekends, and especially in April (due to cherry blossoms season, even though cherry blossoms will be finished by then). I can’t say exactly what will happen because every day and situation is different. USUALLY, some people always get off the bus at Fenqihu (for buses heading to either Chiayi or Alishan). So this frees up some seats for new people to get on. Exactly how many people will get off each time? Well that is just a gamble. No one can know for sure. Maybe there’s a group of 15 people on the bus and they all get off. Maybe you’re unlucky and no one gets off. And some people do only visit Fenqihu then go back down, while others continue to Alishan. Who knows the exact percentage every day. Because of this uncertainty, relying on that bus is always a small risk. To improve your chances, you can line up at the bus stop earlier. I always tell people to aim for 30 minutes early, but that depends on you. If you don’t want to take the chance, then you can pre-arrange private transport from Fenqihu to Alishan by using the Tripool app/website.

    As for Jungshing Express vs. Alishan Express, good question (and by good, I mean hard, haha!). After doing a little research on Mandarin pages, my understanding is that the Jungshing trains are an older kind of train car that used to be used. So when they re-introduced them again for weekend service, it was a big deal for train lovers in Taiwan. Most of the info I’m seeing says they are more like bench seating so they can’t be booked in advance. However, one chat I found mentioned that it does have at least one car with normal seats, so my guess is that those are the ones which can be booked. Another possibility is that it has changed, and now it’s all reservable, but I can’t find any info confirming that. But if you see it as bookable on the site, then go ahead and book it. The time it takes the train to reach Fenqihu is the same as other train types. I will confirm it is bookable later today when the site opens (6 AM to midnight Taiwan time) and confirm.

  13. As mentioned in this article and as asked by other commenters here, you can only book seats starting from Chiayi or Alishan. You can’t book a seat boarding from Xiding. So when boarding at Xiding, then yes, there’s a small chance the bus will be full and the driver won’t stop for you. The chance of this happening is higher on weekends, holidays, and cherry blossom season (March to April). When the bus comes, wave your arms to indicate you want it to stop for you. If you are concerned about this happening, then you can arrange a private transfer from Xiding to Alishan on Tripool.

  14. Yes, the only option is to line up or wait at smaller bus stops and hope for a seat. The only alternative is arranging private transport, for example on the Tripool app/website.

  15. Hi Nick,

    Thanks for your comprehensive guidance of transport to Alishan.

    I tried to book online FamiMart webside for Bus 7302 (wanted to take the Chiayi train to Fenqihu station at 655 (this is from daya bus station right). Will it stop at Chiayi TRA train station please?

    When reach 849am at Fenqihu, would like to take 7322 Bus from Fenqihu to Xiding at 958am then take Bus 7322C at 1123am or Bus 7329A at 1212pm to Alishan.

    We (4 of us) heading from Chiayi TRA station on 24 Apr to Alishan and returning 25 Apr to Taipei so it is a bit rush.

    With such itinerary, in your opinion, is it feasible please? If not, any other advice.

    Thanks in advance.

  16. Yes, the 7302 bus will start at Daya stop at 6:55, Chiayi train station at 7:05, and Fenqihu at 8:49. Make sure you get on that bus, and not 7322C (7:10), which does not stop at Fenqihu. Your plan is a little tight but it works in terms of time. You will have about 1 hour at Fenqihu, but I suggest you go to line up for the bus at least 15 minutes early so you can get a spot. And at Xiding, I suggest you do Tea Mist Trail (not Eryanping trail) because Eryanping trail upper portion is closed for renovation right now until summer 2024 and can’t reach the top. Tea Mist Trail is still open and goes up to the same viewpoint. Probably you will need to take 12:12 bus if you want enough time to do that hike.

    Your plan does have a little backtracking, though. Because the bus will pass Xiding first, then Fenqihu, then Alishan. So why not first Chiayi to Xiding (like 7:10 bus), the Xiding to Fenqihu (10:53), and Fenqihu to Alishan (12:38)? This gives a little more time for the hike, similar time at Fenqihu, and no backtracking. Also, Fenqihu is famous for lunchboxes and snacks, so this way you can go to Fenqihu around snack time.

  17. Thanks Nick for your suggestion. Initially i worried that there may not be any seats if i take xiding to Fenqihu at 10:53 since mainly pple whom take bus wants to go Fenqihu.

    Understand about the lunchboxes. I checked that the Ya Hu Tie Lu Bian Dang opens at 830am. The baked donut also opens early. Same as the Jie Zai Mao Ah Ma Cai Zai Guo. That’s why i thot of doing the backtrack.

    With the above explanation, do you think it is safe to take from xiding to fenqihu instead of doing the backtrack during weekday (wed 24 April)?

    In addition, do you know the free shuttle bus between Chiayi TRA and Chiayi HSR schedule and where to wait for them please? I will need to take the HSR back to Taipei the next day after coming down from Alishan.

    Thanks for your time and explanation in advance.

  18. This is a brilliant guide Nick, thank you.

    On 25/04 we have booked the 9am Forest Railway to Fenqihu – arriving 11:21.
    It then looks like we’d take the 12:38 from Fenqihu to get to Alishan at 13:45.

    Assuming we should be waiting for the last bus back to Chiayi by 16:15 (~30m before departure), that only leaves 2.5h for Alishan itself.

    Do you think that’s enough time, or better to pay to stay in Alishan overnight?

  19. Just writing to confirm that yes, it does now seem possible to reserve Jungshing express trains online.

  20. That’s really tight for both Fenqihu and for Alishan. At Fenqihu that plan only gives an hour and a bit, just enough time to take a quick look at the old street and buy some lunch. Buses in the region tend to be packed, so it’s smart to wait in line for the Fenqihu to Alishan bus well before it comes. Buses are often full, so only the number of people who get off at Fenqihu can then get on and take their spots. So I usually advise people to wait in the line 15 to 30 minutes early for a better chance of getting a spot on the next bus. And then for Alishan, 2.5 hours is also dangerously tight. I usually advise a minimum of 3-4 hours. When you arrive there, you need 15 minutes to walk from bus station, pay entrance fee, and go to Alishan train station. Then wait for the next train (that could eat up another 15 to 30 minutes. Walk Sister Pond Trail to Shouzhen Temple and Shenmu station, ride the train from there back to Alishan station and walk back to Alishan Bus Station. If you move quickly and don’t get lost (the trails around Shenmu can be a little disorienting), you could achieve this all in 2.5 hours. Also note, if the time for the next train from Shenmu back to Alishan station isn’t good, you can also simply walk back in about 20 mins).

    But again there’s a bus issue here. Since these buses are often high demand, some seats on the bus will be booked, and people can also buy return tickets for that day from the 7-11 there. It could be sold out by the time you get there. So if you want to attempt this plan, and you need to get that specific bus, then I highly suggest booking in advance following my guide. As for the leg from Fenqihu to Alishan, that unfortunately can’t be booked in advance.

    Spending the night at Alishan would surely make all of this more relaxed, but it’s true hotels there are pricey.

  21. Sorry for my slow reply. And I see about the early shop times at Fenqihu, so that makes sense also. I feel like either way you plan it, there is some concern about available seats on the bus. Like in your original way, you still have to hope for seats on the bus for Fenqihu to Xiding (probably fine because still early and going down direction) and Xiding to Alishan (at a busy time of the day, with probably no one getting off at Xiding). And in my proposed way, you have to worry about seats for Xiding to Fenqihu and Fenqihu to Alishan. So basically seats are a concern for all the buses 🙂 But most Alishan area bus drivers will still allow more people to get on the bus, even if it’s full, but you have to stand. So I think you just have to go with whichever way feels best for you. Also note sometimes the buses are a little off schedule, like they might even come up to 10 minutes too early. So you also need to be prepared to be flexible or change your plans a little if needed. Chiayi free schedule you can find on HSR website, click Travel Informations, Stations, Chiayi. Scroll down and change 7211 to 7212. Note that the bus starts from Southern Branch National Palace Museum (before the HSR station) so the times shown are from there. At the HSR station, bus is from west side. At train station, it’s at the back of the station (not front where people catch buses to Alishan or visit Chiayi city. Use GoogleMaps directions to see exact spots.

  22. Hi Nick,
    My partner and I plan to travel to stay in shizhuo for a few days in late may. It was recommended to us that we take the bus 7322D from Chiayi station to Fenqihu at 0940, and then the 7322A bus at 1350 to Shizhuo.

    If we book one 7322D bus from Chiayi to alishan and one 7322A bus from alishan to Chiayi, will that be enough to get to Shizhuo?

  23. I don’t understand, is your main goal to see Fenqihu, Shizhuo, or both? If it’s only Shizhuo, then just take the bus from Chiayi to Shizhuo. You can see all the times in my article. If you want to make a stop at Fenqihu (which is about 10 min past Shizhuo, but only some buses make the detour to it, as you can see in my timetable), then 1-2 hours is plenty of time to explore the old street and get some food there. It’s very small. But if you want to do some hiking in the bamboo forest next to it, that will required more time, like 1-5 hours (depends how far you go).

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