A Guide to Booking High Speed Rail (HSR) Tickets in Taiwan

An orange and white bullet train parked in an underground station beside the platform

Figuring out the transportation system often causes headaches for travelers in Taiwan. The Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) system is no exception.

Some complications include whether to ride the HSR or the TRC (formerly TRA, the regular train system in Taiwan), whether to book HSR tickets on the spot or in advance, and how to book them (there are 5 different ways!)

In this article, I’ll answer all of the above, after booking countless HSR tickets myself and assisting other travelers to do so in my Taiwan Travel Planning group. I’ll guide you through each of the 5 ways to book HSR tickets in Taiwan, with photos and screenshots of the key steps.

At the end, I’ll also answer some FAQs about booking HSR tickets and riding the HSR in Taiwan, such as tickets for kids, changing/canceling tickets, luggage issues, and more.

Also see my similar guide to booking regular train tickets in Taiwan.

High Speed Rain Introduction

A shot looking down the inside of an HSR train car from behind, with two kids' heads poking up, turned around and facing the camera, and each kid is holding up a stuffy
My kids on the THSR

The Taiwan High Speed Rail (高鐵) is Taiwan’s version of the bullet train. In a country that is famous for its excellent public transportation, many people take pride in the HSR.

The THSR has a total of 12 stops, running from Taipei City (Nangang and Taipei Main Station) down the west coast of Taiwan to Kaohsiung city (Zuoying Station) in the south.

Some HSR trains will stop at every stop, while express ones will only stop at the largest cities.

A map of Taiwan, showing the HSR route in red, with 12 stops from north to south
THSR route map (image belongs to public domain)

Note that while there is a stop in Taoyuan city, the HSR does not go to Taoyuan International Airport (see my guide to Taoyuan Airport).

The Airport MRT Line connects Taoyuan HSR station to Taoyuan Airport (20-minute ride). See more info in my guide to getting from Taoyuan Airport to Taipei.

The HSR travels at speeds of up to 300 km/h (186 mph), offering a speedy yet incredibly smooth, comfortable, and fun ride.

Exterior of a large High Speed Rail Station viewed from the side at night, with some green bushes at the bottom in the foreground
Taichung HSR station

High Speed Rail stations are very large and modern, like mini airports. They have convenience stores, restaurants, luggage storage lockers, and other services. However, besides Taipei Main Station, all of them are located outside of the city center.

This means you may have to factor in time for getting into the city after you arrive. Taichung and Zuoying (Kaohsiung) have MRT connections to the city center, while Taichung and Tainan also have local train connections.

In other cities, a free shuttle bus is offered to passengers (just show any HSR ticket for that day) or you can take a bus/taxi. You can see a map, details, and shuttle bus info for every HSR station in Taiwan here.

HSR vs TRA Trains: Which One to Choose

A split image, with the top showing a white and orange high speed rail train driving in a rural area with the THSR logo, and the bottom half shows a red and white train driving across a red bridge over a rice paddy and the Taiwan train TRA logo
HSR on the top and TRC train on the bottom

While the HSR only goes down the west coast of Taiwan, the TRA (Taiwan Railways Association, recently changed to TRC or Taiwan Railways Corporation) does a full loop around Taiwan.

This means that for destinations on the east coast, like Yilan, Hualien, and Taitung, TRA trains will be your only option. TRA operates a variety of train types, including slow, medium, and express trains, each with different names. See my guide to booking TRA trains in Taiwan for more info about those.

For journeys covered by both systems (for example, Taipei city to Taoyuan, Taichung, Chiayi, Tainan, or Kaohsiung), generally speaking, the HSR is twice as fast as the TRA but twice as expensive.

Two images. Left side shows a view looking down the inside of an HSR train car, while right side shows a similar view looking down a TRA train car
HSR vs TRA seats

Besides the faster speed and higher cost, there are a few more things to consider:

  • Express TRA trains tend to sell out in advance, while HSR trains don’t sell out so quickly due to the higher cost and the fact that you can always buy non-reserved tickets.
  • Express TRA trains require seat reservations. Once they sell out, you can’t ride them. However, HSRs have a “non-reserved section” (cars 10-12) which never sells out. You can always show up at the station and buy a non-reserved ticket, even at the busiest times. This gives the most flexibility.
  • TRA stations are always in the city center, so they will usually get you closer to where you want to go. Except for Taipei and New Taipei City (Banqiao), all HSR stations are outside of the city center. So some of the time you save on getting there faster may be wasted on getting from the HSR station to your destination in the city center.

What I Usually Do

Nick Kembel holding two stacks of 4 Taiwan beer cans while standing in front of a Taiwan HSR platform sign
I recommend buying 8 beers for your HSR ride (JOKING!) This was actually for two people.

Considering all of the above factors, here are cases when I choose the HSR:

  • For longer rides, for example Taipei to Zuoying (Kaohsiung). It saves hours of travel time compared to the regular train.
  • When I don’t need to go into the city center. For example, there are direct buses from Taichung HSR station to Sun Moon Lake or Cingjing Farm, and there are direct buses from Chiayi HSR to Alishan.
  • When I’m visiting an attraction that happens to be close to an HSR station, such as Xpark (Taoyuan HSR station), Rainbow Village (Taichung HSR station), Chimei Museum (Tainan HSR station), or Lotus Pond (Zuoying HSR station).
  • When I’m renting a car to drive somewhere outside the city. Taking the HSR to get out of Taipei is a good idea. It’s faster and easier than driving. For example, I recently rode the HSR from Taipei to Taichung HSR station, then rented a car there for driving to Sun Moon Lake, Cingjing Farm, Hehuanshan, and Zhongshe Flower Market.
  • When the TRA is sold out or very likely to sell out (long weekends, Lunar New Year). Then I just show up at the HSR station, buy a non-reserved ticket, and line up for the next HSR.
  • When I just want to feel like a boss or take my kids for a fun ride (read my guide to visiting Taiwan with kids).

Generally, I’ll choose TRA trains for:

  • Shorter trips (example: Kaohsiung to Tainan)
  • When I need to stop at a smaller station that’s only on the TRA line
  • When I really want to arrive at the city-center train station
  • When I’m trying to spend less money
  • When I’m going anywhere on the east coast of Taiwan

Book in Advance or Purchase on the Spot?

The very pointy front end of an HSR train car parked at a platform in taiwan
An HSR parked on the platform

The main reason to book HSR tickets in advance is to get a discount and to guarantee a seat. The official HSR site offers discounts of up to 35% off, depending how early you book. You can book 28/29/30 days in advance for weekday/Saturday/Sunday trips, starting from 12:00 AM Taiwan time.

Booking in advance means you have to commit to a time. Sometimes for travelers this can be tough. Therefore, some people choose to buy HSR tickets on the spot before boarding. This gives you maximum flexibility.

The tickets will, of course, be full price. Even if all the seats are booked, you can always buy non-reserved tickets and sit anywhere in the non-reserved section (cars 10-12). If all the seats in that section are full, then you’ll have to stand. But at least you’ll still get there, and quickly!

I’ve even done this at the busiest time of the year, Lunar New Year. Yes, there were long lines waiting to board every non-reserved car, but we still got on eventually.

How to Buy High Speed Rail Tickets

As I mentioned above, there are 5 ways to buy HSR tickets in Taiwan. Here’s a summary of them. I’ll cover each method in detail below.  

  1. At any HSR station in Taiwan
  2. At any convenience store in Taiwan
  3. On the official HSR website.
  4. On Klook
  5. On the T Express app (only option for e-tickets)

At the HSR Station

A row of High Speed Rail ticket machines, with a roped up line up area leading to it, with no one in the line
HSR ticket machines

Buying tickets at any HSR station in Taiwan is a breeze. You have two options, from the ticket window or the machine. The ticket window sometimes has a line, but it’s never that long and moves quickly.

From the machines (with English!), you’ll need to choose the date of travel and reserved or non-reserved tickets. It doesn’t hurt to always try reserved first, in case they are still any seats available. If there aren’t any left, simply purchase a non-reserved ticket.

A non-reserved ticket will work for any train that day (but you have to get on and off at the stops that you booked). After buying the ticket, scan it to enter the station, find the correct platform, and wait at the designated spots on the platform for car 10, 11, or 12 (the non-reserved section of the train).

Credit cards are accepted at the ticket window and machines. You can’t use EasyCard to ride the HSR in Taiwan (only residents can apply for special EasyCard-branded bank cards which work on the HSR).

If you buy a ticket in cash from the machine, be warned that the machines only gives change in coins. So if you buy a cheap ticket (for example TWD 250) with a large bill (like TWD 1000), be prepared to receive a whole bunch of TWD 50 coins! Learn more about Taiwan’s currency here.

At a Convenience Store

Exterior of a 7-Eleven in Ximending Taipei with some cute cartoon characters on it
7-Elevens are everywhere in Taiwan

HSR tickets can be purchased from the iBon/FamiPort machine in any 7-Eleven/FamilyMart convenience store in Taiwan. The less common OK Mart at HiLife also have their own versions of these machines and sell HSR tickets, too.

Unfortunately, the machine interfaces are in Mandarin only. There are two ways to tackle this. One is to use the camera function on a translation app like GoogleTranslate (see my recommended apps for Taiwan) and navigate your way through the booking.

A second way would be to ask the clerk for help. The challenge here is that many clerks can’t speak English, not to mention sometimes they are very busy handling a line of customers.

The best thing to do would be to prepare a note stating in Mandarin (traditional Chinese characters, not simplified) exactly what tickets you want to buy – from where to where, what date/time, and how many people.

Once completed, the machine will print off a voucher. You’ll need to take this voucher to the till and pay for it. After paying, the clerk will print off your HSR tickets. A TWD 10 handling fee will be added to the ticket price.

On the Official HSR Website

The official THSR website is a reliable way to purchase HSR tickets online. It is fairly easy to navigate and takes credit cards (though some some foreign cards aren’t accepted – the T Express app seems to be better for this!)

If you book on the official site, you’ll still have to print off your physical ticket in Taiwan, which I’ll describe below. You can also import any booked ticket into the T Express about for eticket option (I’ll explain how below). But if you’re going to do that, then you might as well just book it on the app to begin with.

I suggest you use the official HSR website on desktop, which always works better for me.

Also make sure that you’re on the English version of the page. Some people have faced problems because they were on the Mandarin version, and using their browser to translate the page, which produces some weird translations.

Screenshot of the THSR ticket booking page, with "online booking" selected and spaces for inputting dates and other info about the trip
Click “Online Booking” in the middle before you start.

Go to the THSR homepage and click “Online Booking” in the middle. It can be easy to miss this step.

Input your departure point, destination, date, time, class type (standard is good enough!), and number of passengers. Children 0 to 5 don’t need to be included – they ride free but won’t get their own seat.

A screenshot of an HSR booking page, with a list of different train times, and some say "20% early bird discount" in a purple box beside them. The first one is selected.
Choose your train

On the next page, choose from the list of trains. If any still have an early bird discount (35, 20, or 10% off), it will be indicated here. If any train is sold out, you won’t be able to make it past this page. Scroll down and hit confirm.

Now, confirm your trip details and enter your personal info. My Canadian phone number (with country code first) worked here. Don’t worry about the THSRC membership, unless you happen to have one. Agree to the terms at the bottom and click “Confirm Booking”.

An HSR booking page with spaces for inputting personal info like passport number, phone number, and email.
Input your personal info

If everything works, then you will see a green “Reservation Completed” box. Below, it will mention a payment deadline (usually within two days).

Further below, it will also tell you your seat number(s). Note that you can’t choose or change your seat numbers, unless you booked Business Class. And even for that, it must be done at least 1 day before.

Screenshot of a booking successful page on the HSR website. A green box has a paragraph describing that is is successful but still needs to be paid. Below it has a booking number and other details about the trip and passenger.
Booking successful but not yet paid

This means your seats are booked, but you haven’t paid yet. If you don’t pay before the indicated deadline, you’ll lose the booking. You’ll also receive your first of two emails at this point.

The email, which comes from eticket@thsrc.com.tw (check your spam folder if you don’t get it) reminds you that your seat is now booked but not paid for yet. If you don’t receive the email, which contains the reservation number you’ll need, make sure to screenshot your reservation number (see pic above) before proceeding.

Some people in Taiwan will now take their reservation number to 7-Eleven or FamilyMart to pay in cash. However, for travelers, the easiest and best thing to do is to pay immediately with credit card.

Screenshot of HSR payment options, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and more, with ticket pick up locations indicated at the bottom.
Payment and ticket collection options

Scroll further down for your payment options (Visa/Mastercard of AmericanExpress). Select the one you want and click “Pay Now”.

After submitting your payment info, if the system likes your credit card, you’ll see a “Payment Completed” box, reservation number (the same as the one you received by email before), and trip summary. If your card doesn’t work, try a different one or the T Express app instead.

At this point, you’ll receive a second email, which also confirms that your payment is complete. If you don’t receive any emails, make sure to screenshot your reservation number.

A screenshot of the final payment successful screen on HSR train booking website, with green success box and trip details listed below
Payment successful screen

When you arrive in Taiwan, you’ll need to print the physical tickets. To do so, take your reservation number and the passport you used to book the tickets to any 7-Eleven/FamilyMart of HSR station in Taiwan.

At the convenience store, show it to the clerk and say what it is – the clerk will take you to the iBon/FamiPort machine and help you to enter the info and print off the voucher. You’ll then bring it to the till, pay the TWD 10 processing fee, and they’ll print off the ticket(s) for you.

There’s no fee to do this at the HSR station machine or ticket window. However, I recommend doing this at least 30 minutes before your train’s departure to make sure you have enough time.

If you’ve already purchased a ticket on the official HSR site but you want an e-ticket so you don’t have to bother printing the ticket, you can import your ticket into the T Express app for mobile ticket option. I’ll explain how to do this in the T Express section below.

On Klook

Buying HSR tickets on Klook is the most complicated way. It’s the one that I have to answer the most questions about in my Facebook group.

Purchasing on Klook has the most steps. You have to first buy the voucher, wait one day, then use the voucher to book your seats (subject to availability!) on a different page than the normal HSR homepage.

The main advantage here is that Klook offers 20% off, no matter when you book (even if all the early bird tickets are sold out on the official HSR site). They also sometimes offer special promotions like buy-1-get-1-free tickets (only works for two people traveling together and only for certain stops). Any such deal is usually available at the same link as the 20% off deal.

Note that Klook HSR tickets are meant to be for visiting travelers only. If you are Taiwanese or a foreign resident living in Taiwan, you aren’t supposed to use this deal. The HSR station staff may even check your passport’s Taiwan entry stamp to confirm this – it happened to me once.

Buying the Voucher

Screenshot of Klook HSR booking page, with several buttons for destinations and option to choose number of people.
Choose your starting point, end point, and number of travelers

To book your HSR tickets on Klook (20% off or B1G1F deal), start on this Klook page. While there is a Klook app, I prefer Klook’s desktop site, where it’s easier to navigate to all the details and instructions.

The Klook HSR tickets page is changing all the time, so it may look different than what I describe here.

Choose the deal you want, departure point and destination, and number of people. Then I suggest you read all the “Package Details” on the side before proceeding.

Screenshot of a Klook HSR booking page, with option to input date of travel and a summary of the cost before and after discount on the right side.
Choose date of travel. Note discount applied on right.

When you’re ready, click “Book Now”. On the next page, you’ll need to enter a planned date. It actually doesn’t matter what date you put. Right now, you are only buying a voucher, which will be valid for 90 days. You’ll be booking the seats later, and you’ll be able to book any date in the next 90 days, no matter what date you enter now.

Scroll down to enter your personal info (as it appears in your passport!) Further down, you’ll also have the option to use Klook credits (gained every time you book something on Klook) and Klook promo codes, if you have any.

You can get Klook promo codes by inviting your friends to Klook (here’s my invitation link!), but the codes can only be used on certain activities or after you pass a certain amount in spending.

For example, if I try to buy a very short HSR ride, it won’t let me use any of my promo codes. But for a longer, more expensive HSR ride, or if I buy an HSR ride AND something else on Klook at the same time, it will let me use one. You can use maximum one promo code per order.

Screenshot of Klook HSR booking page showing a promo code GO2TAIWAN, a box selected with this code, and the price of 2 tickets with buy one get one free discount applied on the right
Enter promo code, click the correct box, and note discount applied on the right.

Note: If you’re booking the buy-1-get-1-free deal, you’ll have to input the current promo code for this deal (for example “GO2TAIWAN” is the current one as I write this, but it could change for future promotions).

The current promo code is always mentioned on the Klook activity page, where we started this booking, when this deal is running. The deal usually comes a couple times per year and lasts for several months.

Paste that code in the promo code bar and press redeem. Select the “B1G1 THSR Discount” box below. After you click it, you should see the price on the right side cut in half.

Also note, Klook says this promotion is “limited”, so it might not work if too many people have used it for that date. If you’re using the B1G1 promo code, you won’t be able to use any of your other promo codes for the same booking. You can only use one promo code per booking.

So if you’re booking other things on Klook today, do them in a separate booking so you can use one of your other promo codes for them.

A screenshot of the list of payment options for buying Taiwan HSR tickets on Klook
Klook payment options

When ready, click “Go to Payment” and make your credit card payment. You’ll now receive a few emails: a payment confirmation, a receipt, and one with your Klook HSR voucher.

The latter email has all the instructions for booking your seats. Besides the email, you can also access the same voucher in your Klook “Bookings” page. Either one of these show your “Redeem Code”, which you’ll need for booking your seats.

Redeeming the Voucher to Book Seats

Screenshot of THSR pass management page, with an orange arrow pointing to the "Manage" option in the menu at the top right
Click “Manage” to redeem your voucher

Now you’re halfway there! Next, you’ll need to actually reserve your HSR seats within 90 days. On Klook, it says you can start doing this one day after purchasing the voucher.

To reserve your seats, go to HSR Pass Management page. Click “Manage” at the top-right.

Now you’ll need to enter your “Redeem Code” or “Order Number”. This can be confusing, as Klook provides you with no less than 4 different numbers (reference ID, voucher number, voucher code, and redeem code). This is one of the most confusing steps for many travelers. Please simplify this, Klook!

Screenshot of page from HSR website asking for a redeem code or order number to locate ticket
Sign in with your booking code

I suggest to choose “Sign in with Redeem Code”. Then input the Redeem Code from your voucher. You can find this voucher on Klook under your Bookings or in the email that you received when you booked the voucher.

An example of a redeem code from my last HSR ticket bought on Klook was /DX3B54SL. Important: when inputting the code, I had to remove the forward slash, so I input “DX3B54SL” and it worked.

Note: if you booked for more than one person at once, it may show an even longer redeem code, like /DX3B54SL/PY6B78YH. In this case, I first tried DX3B54SL as the redeem code. It didn’t work. Then I tried inputting PY6B78YH as the redeem code. It worked!

A Klook HSR ticket voucher, with QR code, trip info, and an orange arrow pointing to the redeem code, with orange words indicating to remove the slash
How to find the “Redeem Code” on your Klook voucher.

If your redeem code doesn’t work, try clicking “Forgot Order Information” and there will be other ways to find your order. As for the option to input “order number”, I’ve never figured out which number that is. And if all of this *still* doesn’t work (it has happened to me), remember that you can only book your seats starting the day after (Asia time) you bought the voucher on Klook. Try waiting a little longer then try againm.

If it works, you’ll see an order summary for your voucher and some notes (see below screenshot). Click the little square at the top-right of your personal details and order info, then click the “Reserve” button above it.

Screenshot of an HSR booking page showing a reserve button, some personal details, and a little box with check in it
Click to make a check in the little box on the top right then click “Reserve”

There will be a pop-up, in which you’ll input your desired train details. A list of trains will appear. Choose the train your want, scroll down, and click “Confirm”.

As long as the train still has seats available, you’ll see a “Reservation Successful” page. A notice informs you that you’ll need to show the redeem code (for pass users) or reservation number (for one-way ticket purchases) and passport to collect the tickets at the station.

It also mentions that they’ll really check your Taiwan entry stamp in your passport to make sure you’re not residing in Taiwan.

Make sure to screenshot your reservation number, which you’ll need to pick up the tickets. No email is sent for this booking method. Also note that seats are auto-assigned and you can’t choose them.

If you want to see your seat numbers, click on “My Reservation Information” at the top of the details for each pasenger. If you need to check this later, you have to use the same “redeem code” way of logging in from the pass management page.

A white and orange pop-up on black screen, with a paragraph explaining that the HSR reservation has been successful
Reservation successful screen

Just like booking on the Official HSR site, if you buy your tickets on Klook, you will need to pick up the physical tickets from the ticket counter at any HSR station in Taiwan. You can’t pick them up at a convenience store.

Note that tickets booked in this way on Klook CAN’T be imported into the T Express app, so there’s no way to get an e-ticket if you booked on Klook.

On the T Express App

The final, and most convenient way to book your HSR tickets is on the T Express app, the official app of THSR. This is the only way to get mobile/paperless/e-tickets for the HSR in Taiwan. Foreign credit cards seem to work best here, too.

Booking on T Express will give you the same early bird discounts as booking on the official HSR site. For most people in Taiwan, booking on T Express is a no-brainer.

There’s one challenge for families or groups: Every passenger most show their own ticket on their own phone, including kids.

So if one person buys all the tickets, you’ll have to use the app’s import feature to import the tickets to each person’s phone. If your kid doesn’t have a phone, he/she won’t be able to get an eticket.

You can still use the T Express app to book and pay for the tickets, but you’ll need to pick up physical tickets in Taiwan.

Buying Tickets / e-Tickets

Screenshot of T Express HSR app with trip details selected for a trip from Taipei to Taichung
Click “Booking” and input trip details.

First, you’ll need to download the T Express app (find it for Apple / Android). Once opened, click “Booking” on the bottom menu.

Input your trip details. Choose one-way/return, departure/arrival info, class, adult or child (age 6-11 (note that only local seniors, students, or disabled qualify for any discount) and seat preference. Click “Search”.

A list of HSR trains from Taipei to taichung with times for each and relevant early bird discounts
Select the train you want.

Next, choose the train your want. Ones that say “fastest” are express ones with fewer stops, but the difference is not huge. Any possible early bird discounts will also be indicated here.

If seats are still available on the train you select, you’ll be taken to the next page, where you can review the details, agree to the terms, and press “Confirm”. An order review will appear, with the status as “Unpaid”.

This means your seat is now booked, and you have until the indicated deadline to pay for it.

Screenshot of an HSR ticket booking from Taipei to Taichung with status "unpaid"
Seat is reserved but still “Unpaid”

Click “Pay Later” if you want to pay in cash at a convenience store or HSR station in Taiwan. If you do that, make sure you do so before the Payment Deadline (see screenshot above).

Click “Pay Now” to pay immediately by credit card (recommended for travelers). Enter your credit card info. Here are the different payment options:

Screenshot from T Express app which shows a trip reservation number, total amount due (TWD 630), and credit card payment options
Payment options

If the system likes your credit card (I had to try more than one card), you’ll receive a “Payment Successful” pop-up with a reservation number.

It doesn’t hurt to screenshot your reservation number, but the ticket will now be saved under “My Ticket” in the app.

Screenshot saying "Payment Successful" with a reservation number and option to collect Later or Now
Once you “collect” (issue e-ticket), you won’t be able to change the ticket in the app.

It will give you the option to collect the ticket later or now. To “collect” the ticket means to issue the eticket.

Choose “Later” if you need/want to pick up physical tickets in Taiwan, for example because you have kids who don’t have phones. You’ll need that reservation number and passport used to make the booking to pick up the tickets at a convenience store or HSR station in Taiwan.

Some Taiwan travel pros will choose to collect later, and only click collect right before departing, such as when they’re at the station and about to scan in.

The reason to do this is that if you haven’t “collected” your ticket yet, it’s still possible to modify or cancel it by using the app’s “Modify” function. So if your plans change, you’ll still easily be able to change or cancel your ticket.

If you choose “Later”, your ticket will still be visible under “My Ticket” but it will say “Uncollected” on it.

After you click “collect” and issue the in-app e-ticket, the only way to make changes to it or cancel it will be at the HSR station ticket window.

An HSR booking with a pop up asking to select Mobile Ticket or Convenience Store Pick up
Choose “Yes” to collect now and select “Mobile Ticket”

Choose “Yes” to issue the e-ticket now if you’re sure you won’t be making any changes to it. On the next screen (see above), choose “Mobile Ticket”.

Once you’ve “collected” your ticket, you can find it under “My Ticket” in the bottom menu of the app. Click on the ticket to show the QR code. To enter the HSR station, open the QR code and scan it on the ticket scanner.

Screenshot of a mobile HSR ticket in T Expess app
Ticket now appears under “My Ticket”. Click on it to show QR code for entering/exiting HSR station.

Note that a screenshot of the QR code won’t work. You need to scan the QR code produced within the T Express app. Make sure your phone’s battery is charged before going to the station.

Note that you’ll also need to scan the same QR code to exit the station when you arrive at your destination. Don’t let your phone battery die on the trip!

Importing Tickets into the App

There are two situations when you might want to import a ticket into the T Express App. The first is if you bought tickets for one or more other people, and now each of those people is required to import their ticket into their own app (one person can’t show everyone’s tickets on one phone).

The second situation is that you already bought an HSR ticket on the official HSR site, but now you want to import it into T Express so that you can get a paperless/digital/e-ticket. Note: You can’t do this if you bought your ticket on Klook.

Screenshot of the T Express app's retrieve ticket function, with spaces for inputting reservation number or verification code
Retrieve ticket function

To do this, whoever will be importing the ticket needs to first download the T Express app on their own phone or digital device.

On the menu at the bottom, click “Retrieve”. Enter the 8-digit reservation number (from the original reservation – find it in the email you received after making the original booking or in the “My Ticket” section of the person who booked the tickets).

It also asks for “Verifications Code/ID Used for Booking”. For this, enter the last 4 digits of the passport number of the person who made the original booking.

If this doesn’t work, click “Reservation Inquiry” and try to find the tickets by inputting the train info and full passport number of the person who made the original booking.

A white and orange pop-up on a gray backgroun, saying that the ticket import has been successful and asking whether you want to cancel or check it now.
Ticket import successful

If it works, it will now say “Download Successful” and ask you if you want to check now. Click “Yes”. It will show your ticket and say “Uncollected”. The ticket will now also appear under “My Ticket” from the bottom menu of the app.

From here, it’s the same as I described above. You may choose to collect (i.e. issue your e-ticket) now or later. When you’re ready to do it, click on the ticket. It will give you the option to choose Mobile Ticket or Convenience Store Ticket. Choose “Mobile”.

A pop-up reminder with information regarding collecting HSR tickets.
Reminder that each person must collect their own ticket

A popup will remind you not to collect any ticket for anyone else (see above). In other words, each person must show his or her own ticket on his or her own phone.

Finally, another pop-up will tell you that the ticket has successfully been collected. You can now find the ticket under “My Ticket” at the bottom of the app. Click the ticket to show the QR code, which you’ll need to scan to enter and exit the station. Remember you must scan the QR code in the app – a screenshot won’t work.

FAQs About HSR Ticket Bookings in Taiwan

Here are some common questions about buying High Speed Rail tickets in Taiwan. If you still have a question not covered here, please ask it in the comments below or in my Taiwan Travel Planning group on Facebook.

Can I swipe EasyCard to ride the HSR in Taiwan?

A hand holding up an EasyCard with images of Taipei on it
A Taipei-themed EasyCard

For travelers, no, you cannot. This is only possible with an EasyCard branded bank card issued by local banks in Taiwan. Only local residents can apply for these through their bank.

You can use EasyCard for some regular (TRA) trains in Taiwan (see which ones in my TRA guide), but not for the HSR.

Here’s more information about using EasyCard in Taiwan.

Can I Use a Credit Card to Buy HSR Tickets?

Yes, you can use a credit card to buy HSR tickets on Klook, the official HSR website, T Express app, or from the machines or ticket windows in any HSR station in Taiwan.

Like everywhere in Taiwan, sometimes certain foreign credit cards just don’t work. If your credit credit isn’t accepted, just try another one.

Convenience stores in Taiwan accept credit cards, but are even more limited in terms of which ones they accept, so don’t count on it.

Do Kids Need a Ticket for the HSR? Is there a discount?

A young boy sitting on a high speed rail seat, looking at the camera but holding a phone, with tray in front of him open with a cat stuff on it, small stroller in the leg space
My kids always love riding the HSR

Children under 6 (age 0 to 5) can ride the High Speed Rail for free, but they won’t get a seat. They can sit in your lap, share your seat, or sit in a stroller (there’s enough space for a small stroller in front of each seat).

Children age 6-11 get discounted (50% off) tickets for the HSR and they will get a seat. If you want a seat for your under-6-year-old, then you can also book this kind of ticket. Teenagers aged 12+ must buy an adult ticket.

The option to buy children’s tickets is available for all booking methods.

Here’s more information about traveling in Taiwan with kids.

Can Kids Get E-Tickets?

If you want to get mobile/paperless/e-tickets for the HSR, you must do so through the T Express app. Each ticket-holder must show his or her own ticket on his/her own digital device.

If your kid doesn’t have a mobile phone or tablet for downloading the T Express app and showing the imported ticket, then your kid cannot get an e-ticket. You can still book it on T Express, but you’ll need to have the ticket printed at a convenience store or HSR station in Taiwan.

In other words, one person cannot show tickets for multiple people on the same mobile phone. Make sure your phone is charged for showing the tickets when entering and exiting the station. A screenshot is not OK – it must be shown from within the app.

Do Seniors/Disabled Get a Discount on the HSR?

Only local (Taiwanese) residents qualify for senior or disabled discounts on the High Speed Rail in Taiwan. They will need to show proper Taiwanese identification to get the discount. Foreign seniors or disabled will need to purchase regular adult tickets.

THSR stations and trains are wheelchair accessible. See here for more information.

How Do I Get Discounted HSR Tickets?

The official HSR site (and T Express app) offer early bird discounts of 35, 20, or 10% off the original ticket price. When the tickets are first released (28/29/30 days in advance for weekday/Saturday/Sunday trips), they start at 35% off.

When those sell out, it goes to 20, then 10, then no discount. How fast the discounted tickets sell out depends on demand, so the early bird tickets will sell out much faster for long weekends, holidays, and so on.

Meanwhile, Klook offers a flat 20% off HSR tickets, no matter when you buy them (minimum one day in advance). Note that you are just buying a voucher on Klook. It doesn’t guarantee a seat on the train you want. This discount is only for non-residents of Taiwan. If you are a foreigner living in Taiwan, you aren’t supposed to use it, and they will actually check your passport for Taiwan entry stamps.

After you buy the voucher, you have to use it to make a seat reservation on any HSR within 90 days. If you need to ride on a specific train, it’s best to check the official site first to make sure that train still has seats available before you buy the Klook voucher.

Klook also sometimes offers a buy-1-get-1-free ticket deal. This only works for two adults traveling together on the same trip. It only works for certain routes, mostly going to the south. You may find that it doesn’t work for routes going back to Taipei.

In order to get the B1G1F deal, you have to copy-paste the promo code (find it on the Klook page) to the promo code bar when booking. Then you will see the discount price applied.

How Do I Change My HSR Ticket?

If you’ve booked an HSR tickets but haven’t “collected” it yet, you can modify it (only once!) for free on the T Express app or at the station, at least 30 minutes before the departure time. You’ll need your order number to find the ticket. Here are examples of an uncollected ticket:

  • You booked a ticket on the T Express app, but you didn’t collect physical tickets in Taiwan or click the “collect now” button to issue the e-ticket within the app.
  • You booked a ticket on the official HSR site but you didn’t pick up the physical ticket in Taiwan yet.

If you’ve already collected your ticket, you can only make changes at an HSR station ticket window in Taiwan. A TWD 20 fee will be applied. New seats will be subject to availability. Here are examples of a collected ticket:

  • You bought an HSR ticket from a convenience store or HSR station in Taiwan, so you already have a physical ticket.
  • You bought an HSR ticket on the official HSR site or T Express app and you already printed off the physical ticket in Taiwan.
  • You bought a ticket on the T Express app and you already clicked “collect ticket now” to issue an e-ticket within the app. If you’ve already done this, your e-ticket QR code will be visible when you click on the ticket in the “My Booking” section.

If you bought an HSR voucher on Klook, and you haven’t used the voucher to book your HSR seat yet, then you can request a refund from Klook. If you’ve already used the voucher to book a seat, then you can only change the seat at a ticket window in any HSR station in Taiwan.

If you need to modify a ticket more than once, you will need to cancel the booking and make a new one.

How Do I Cancel my HSR Ticket?

If you haven’t collected your ticket yet, you can cancel it online or on the T Express app in the same way that I described in the previous question. Just like making modifications, you can cancel the ticket free of charge.

If you have already collected your HSR ticket, you can still cancel it anytime up to 30 minutes before the departure time. You can do this at any ticket window in any HSR station in Taiwan. A TWD 20 fee will be applied. If you paid with credit card, they will issue the refund back onto your card.

If you bought an HSR voucher on Klook, and you haven’t used the voucher to book your HSR seat yet, then you can request a refund from Klook. You must do this at least 24 hours before the departure time.

If you’ve already used the voucher to book a seat, then you can cancel the seat booking at a THSR station ticket window, then request a refund from Klook (you’ll get back 90% of what you paid).

What If I Miss My HSR train in Taiwan?

If you have a reserved seat on an HSR and you miss the train, you cannot get a refund. However, you can still ride any later HSR on the same day, from the same departure and arrival stations on your original ticket.

However, you won’t have a reserved seat. You’ll need to sit or stand anywhere in the non-reserved section of the train (cars 10-12).

You should be able to swipe into the station with your original ticket. If you have any issue doing so, you can ask the staff on site for assistance. They will help to convert your original ticket to a non-reserved ticket.

How Can I Select or Change Seats on the HSR?

When you book standard class tickets on the High Speed Rail, you can’t choose or change your seats on the train. The system will automatically choose them for you. On the T Express app, you get to make a seat preference request (aisle vs window), and this is not guaranteed.

If you’re booking for a group of people, it’s possible that the system will issue you seats which are not together. This usually means the train is almost full, so it wasn’t able to put you all together. There’s no way to change this.

You can ask fellow passengers on the train to switch seats with you. However, this could cause complications, for example, if that passenger is getting off before you, and then someone else will be taking their seat. For this reason, it’s better not to.

Business class passengers are able to select their seats. This can only be done once per booking.

Is There Room for My Luggage on the HSR?

Some seats on the Taiwan high speed rail shot from the side to show how much leg room them have
Tons of leg room for luggage that won’t fit on the rack above

There is a lot of space for luggage on the HSR. The overhead racks are large and can hold most types of luggage. If your luggage is too large or heavy to fit up top, there is ample space in front of each seat. Some train cars are also equipped with additional luggage space or racks at the front or back of the car.

The official luggage rules state that your luggage should not exceed 150 cm per piece or 220 cm in total per passenger, with a maximum of 40 kg.

See this passenger guide for information about bringing bikes, pets, strollers, musical instruments, or any other large items onto the HSR.

Can I Eat on the Train? Do they sell food?

An illustration showing a rabbit sitting on an HSR seat and breaking lots of rules, like listening to music loudly and putting his feet on the seat in front of him
You can eat, but don’t be noisy or put your feet on the seat.

Eating and drinking are allowed on the High Speed Rail in Taiwan. Feel free to purchase snacks or meals from the convenience stores, fast food chains, or restaurants in the HSR station and eat them on the train.

You can even consume alcohol on the train and no one will say anything. The only thing that matters is being quiet and respectful – Taiwanese prefer absolute silence when traveling by train. Some HSR station convenience stores even sell alcoholic beverages, but some don’t.

Train staff regularly pass through the aisles to collect trash. If you’ve got uncollected trash when getting off the train, take it with you and deposit in bins on the platform.

There’s also a snack and drink cart which regularly comes around.

What Time Should I Book My HSR from Taoyuan Station If Arriving at the Airport?

Large luggage storage racks on the Taoyuan Airport MRT
Luggage storage rack on the Airport MRT to Taoyuan

It’s a little tough to guess exactly how long it will take you to get through the Taoyuan International Airport when arriving in Taiwan. I usually advise people to buy an HSR ticket a minimum 3 hours after arriving. If you like to be extra safe, go for 3.5 to 4 hours.

For me, when traveling with no check-in luggage and using the e-Gate (only Taiwan residents and certain nationalities can use this and you have to register for it), then I almost always get through very quickly, around 30 minutes.

If you’ve got check-in luggage and need to stand in the normal visitors’ immigration line, you can expect it to take around 60 to 90 minutes. This can of course vary depending on the season, day, and exact arrival time.

If you need to pick up a SIM card, an EasyCard ordered on Klook, do the Taiwan Lucky Draw, and/or exchange money or take out cash from an ATM, add another 15 to 30 minutes for that.

Then, it takes about 30 minutes to travel from Taoyuan International Airport to Taoyuan HSR station (10 mins to enter Airport MRT station and buy ticket, 20 min ride).

It only takes 5 minutes to transfer from Taoyuan Airport MRT station to Taoyuan HSR station. Add another 10-15 minutes for buying/printing off your ticket (if needed) and getting to the platform.

Is there Luggage Storage in HSR Stations?

Large orange luggage storage lockers in a train station
Luggage lockers at Taoyuan HSR station

Every HSR station in Taiwan has luggage storage lockers. Usually they are bright orange. You can store luggage for 3-7 days, depending on the lockers.

See more information about how these luggage storage lockers work and find their location in every HSR station here.

27 thoughts on “A Guide to Booking High Speed Rail (HSR) Tickets in Taiwan”

  1. Great write up! There’s a few typos that I will list below so that you can find them easily for correction. I only read about 30% of the article and skimmed another 30%, so there could be some that I missed as well. I’d also like to add that none of my US credit cards work on the HSR website, but they work in the T Express app…another reason I prefer to use the app.

    HSR is twice as fast at the TRA
    Advance or Purchase the spot
    28/39/30 days

  2. Hi Nick,
    Thank you for the informative write-up. I have some questions below:

    1. Can we buy HSR tickets (with reserved seats), say from Taipei to Taichung and Taichung to Kaohsiung in advance at Taoyuan Airport after we have landed at the airport? Are the ticket counters or machines at the airport where we can buy the tickets from?

    2. When I use Google Map to show me how to travel from Kaohsiung to Taoyuan Airport Terminal 2, it shows that I can (a) take the metro to HSR Zuoying Station, then (b) walk to Xin Zuoying Station and (c) take HSR train (High Speed rail 630 to Nangang) to Taoyuan Station. Thereafter, (d) to walk to Taoyuan HSR Station and take Airport Line to Airport Terminal 2. I am confused between HSR Zuoying Station and Xin Zuoying Station. Is Xin Zuoying Station a HSR station from which to take HSR train? I thought i should take the HSR train from HSR Zuoying Station which have HSR, metro and local train connections.

    I look forward to your advice and reply.

    Thank you very much for your time and response in advance.

    Best regards

  3. Hi! I purchased ticket via Klook but the first name and last name was interchanged. Do you have any idea if I can still use it or do I need to cancel?

  4. It’s best to ask Klook support about this. They have 24-hour online chat support. If you try during late night hours (in Asia time) it will be faster than daytime hours.

  5. 1. There’s no HSR desk or station at the airport. You will first need to ride the Airport MRT to Taoyuan HSR station (20 min ride). At the HSR station, yes, you can buy tickets for the next train or any train in the next 4 weeks from the machine or from the ticket window. If all the seats are sold out for the train you plan to ride, you can just buy a non-reserved ticket and sit or stand in the non-reserved section (cars 10-12).
    2. Zuoying station and Xinzuoying station are connected. The HSR part is called Zuoying HSR station. And the TRA (normal train) part is called Xinzuoying, because the TRA train line has one more stop just to the south which is also called Zuoying station, so they had to choose a new name for this one (I know, that’s confusing, but it will be easier than you expect once there). But all the directions you described are correct. Ride the Kaohsiung MRT to “Zuoying HSR station”. Then once you exit the MRT, just follow the signs to the HSR station and take the HSR to Taoyuan.

  6. Hi,
    Thank you for all your info. The HSR trains seem to have plenty of luggage space, but what about the TRC ones?

  7. There isn’t as much space as the HSR, but it’s still enough for most people. Most luggages can fit on the rack above the seats, and there’s enough leg room that you can also fit a large luggage by your legs if you have to.

  8. Hello, thank you for this detailed post. I’ve been using your website to plan my Taiwan trip in April, very, very helpful! 🙂

    I’ve got a question regarding the Klook buy 1 get 1 free promo. After purchasing the voucher from Klook, how far in advance can we reserve our seats in the HSR? I’ve checked the normal HSR website, seats can only be reserved about 1 month in advance, is this the same with the HSR Pass management website (to reserve seat with the Klook voucher). Or are we able to reserve more than a month ahead? We will be travelling on the HSR on April 1 and April 4, just before and at the start the long public holidays in Taiwan, I am afraid reserved seats might be sold out.

    Thank you!

  9. Whether you’re booking seats the normal way or using your pass to book seats, the time is the same. You can book seats on the HSR 28/29/30 days in advance for traveling on a weekday/Saturday/Sunday. Your dates are all weekdays, so 28 days in advance. And keep in mind that the booking for a new day opens at midnight (Taiwan time). So it’s actually like the the night of 29 days before. If you’re in a different time zone, you’ll need to calculate when exactly that is for you. April 1 and 2 I wouldn’t worry too much about. You shouldn’t have to be online the second they are released to get seats. Next day would be fine. However, for 3rd and 4th, there will actually be a crazy rush to buy the tickets, and it’s possible whole trains will sell out within minutes of being released. So if you really want to try to book seats, you need to be online when they are released. One more thing I’m not sure about – because that’s a long weekend, it’s possible they might release tickets for the whole long weekend starting from 28 days before April 4, in the same way that they normally release Sat/Sun tickets on the Friday 28 days in advance. Hope that makes sense!

  10. I would like to cancel my ticket and purchase another at an earlier time. I purchased them on the Taiwan railway app, and have collected the e-tickets. I see that you can delete tickets on the app, but does that mean they are cancelled and will be refunded?


  11. Once you have “collected” the ticket, in other words you’ve click collect and now you have a QR code, the only way to cancel or make changes to the ticket is to do it at the train station ticket window. That’s why some people don’t click “collect” until they are at the station, in case they want to change or cancel the ticket. It’s the same for TRA and HSR.

  12. Hi Nick, very informative.
    I have several questions as follows:
    1. I will land at Taouyuan International Airport then go to Taichung. so the HSR ticket that I have to book is from Taoyuan to Taichung, is this correct? (from the airport to HSR Taoyuan using the airport commuter then from HSR Taoyuan to HSR Taichung). (it looks like the extra disc 35%, 20%, 10% for HSR from Taoyuan to Taichung on April 8 has already run out and is only available at normal prices) T.T

    2. I will also plan to go to Taroko Hualien (Shangkadang Trail) from Taipei. Do I have to order the TRA in advance? is it true if I book TRA from Taipei to Xincheng?
    3. If I book a seat reservation on HSR for several people, will they be placed in different train or will they just be separated?
    4. if I order an easy card on klook, do I have to pick it up at the airport or can I go somewhere else? because considering that I would land at 21.00 at night, I only considered that the Klook counter would already be closed after I had baggage claim and immigration.
    Thank you im looking forward to your advice and reply.

  13. Hi Nick, very informative.
    I have several questions as follows:
    1. I will land at Taouyuan International Airport then go to Taichung. so the HSR ticket that I have to book is from Taoyuan to Taichung, is this correct? (from the airport to HSR Taoyuan using the airport commuter then from HSR Taoyuan to HSR Taichung). (It looks like the extra disc 35%, 20%, 10% for HSR from Taoyuan to Taichung on April 8 have run out and only available at normal prices) T.T
    2. If I book a seat reservation on HSR for several people, will they be placed in different train carriages or will they just be separated seat?
    3. if I order an easy card on klook, do I have to pick it up at the airport or can I do it somewhere else? because considering that I would land at 21.00. I only considered that the Klook counter would already be closed after I had baggage claim and immigration.
    4. I will also plan to go to Taroko Hualien (Shangkadang Trail) from Taipei. Do I have to order the TRA in advance? is it true if I order TRA from Taipei to Xincheng?

    thank you nick im waiting for ur advice and answer

  14. Hi, this is very helpful thank you!

    would like to ask about the time to book HSR after arriving at Taoyuan airport (bought on Klook). Do you think its better to just book 3hrs after estimated arrival time online first, and subsequently basing on immigration & luggage situation and change the timing of the reservation to be earlier if needed?

    or is it better to reserve only after I touch down and add maybe 2.5-3.5h from that time (assuming i access to internet)?
    Also, i will be reaching at around 5.30pm on a Sunday. Do you think it is common for me to not able to reserve train timings within the next 1-2hrs?

  15. 1. Yes, that is correct. You can plan 1.5 hours to get though airport (safe timing, could be faster), 30 mins to ride Airport MRT to Taoyuan HSR station, and 15 mins to transfer to the HSR (including picking up tickets if you need to). To be even safer, make it about 3 hours. Even if early bird discounts are sold out on the official site, you can still get 20% off by buying on Klook. However, having the Klook voucher doesn’t guarantee any seats will be available. So check the HSR site first to make sure the train you want isn’t totally sold out. If it’s not, but the voucher, wait one day, then follow the instructions on Klook to book your seats on the HSR pass management page. Another option is that you just don’t book a seat, show up at HSR station, and buy a non-reserved ticket. This allows you to sit or stand anywhere in the non-reserved section (cars 10-12). Non reserved tickets never sell out, but the ticket will be full price.
    2. TRA express train Taipei to Hualien is more urgent to book. Because the easy coast has no HSR or buses, the TRA to Hualien is very high demand and often sells out. Highly suggest you book it as early as possible. If you don’t get a seat, then you can ride a “fast local” type train. It’s about 1 or 1.5 hours slower, but it is free seating (no seat numbers, can’t book, just swipe EasyCard to ride it).
    3. When booking seats on the HSR, the system will auto select the seats. You can’t choose the seats yourself. If you are booking people at the same time, it will put you together UNLESS the train is getting almost full. If there are no seats available together, it may put you in different spots or cars, and you can’t change it unless you take your tickets to the HSR station counter. Only HSR business class tickets allow you to choose or change your seats.
    4. On the Klook easycard page, it indicates that the pick up time is until 11 PM. If you arrive at 9, that’s enough time. However, you may win a free TWD 5000 EasyCard if you enter the taiwan lucky draw (just google it). So you might want to just wait until you arrive and do the lucky draw in case you win one. If you don’t win one, it’s super easy to buy an EasyCard in taiwan. You can buy it in the Airport MRT station (from window, machines, or EZfly counter even takes credit card), or from any MRT station or convenience store in the country.

  16. 1. Yes, as you said is correct. Even if early bird is sold out, you can still get 20% off on Klook. Make sure to follow the Klook instructions for reserving your seats, starting from 1 day after purchasing the Klook voucher. Also check official site first to make sure tickets for your desrired train are still available – just buying the Klook voucher doesn’t guarantee a seat – it’s still subject to availability.
    2. The system will auto assign the seats and you can request specific ones or change them. It will put you together as long as there are available seats together. If they are not, it may put you in separate areas.
    3. As you can see on the Klook EasyCard page package details, the counter is open till 11 PM, which is enough time for you. Or just don’t buy it on Klook, and you can easily buy EasyCards at any MRT station (including Airport MRT) or convenience store in Taiwan.
    4. I strongly suggest reserving seats from taipei to Xincheng/Hualien in advance. The train often sells out quickly. You can buy 4 weeks in advance. If the express train sells out, you can still ride the slower “Fast Local” train, but those are free seating and can’t be booked, so you won’t be guaranteed to have a seat. Just swipe EasyCard for them. Xincheng is a small village close to taroko gorge. If you are only going to taroko then leaving after, then yes, it’s best. Some people stay overnight there for closer access to to the gorge. But the food options there are less. Some people choose to stay in hualien city. It’s further from taroko gorge, but it has more hotel and restaurant options and Dongdamen Night Market at night.

  17. I would do one of two things:
    1. Reserve for 3 hours after arrival. If you get through airport very quickly (1 hr is possible) and to the HSR station quickly (30 min is possible), then you’d be 1.5 hours early. Then you could go to the counter and ask if it can changed to an earlier train. OR, you can use use the ticket to enter the station, and then ride an earlier train, but sit (or stand if full) in the “non-reserved” section (cars 10-12). And if you’re delayed and miss your train, you can also do this.
    2. Don’t even bother to reserve. Just show up at the station and buy a ticket from the machine. Try reserved option first. If there’s none, then buy a non-reserved ticket and sit/stand in cars 10-12 like I said above. Then you don’t have to worry about times. An alternative is, like you said, book it on the way to the station. If you use T express app, you’ll get an eticket, then you won’t have to visit the desk to pick up physical ticket when you get to the station.

  18. When the TRA reserved seats sold out, can I buy without reserved seats like HSR?
    I’m confused by the existence of the TRA fast local train to Hualien. If we use the fast local train, do we also have to book it in advance? TRA’s distance travel time is also almost the same as the Tze Chiang Limited Express.

  19. -Local or Fast Local: These only have benches on sides with no seat numbers, so they can’t be booked and never sell out. Just arrive at station and swipe EasyCard. They could be very packed at peak times so you might have to stand.
    -Chu Kuang and Tze Chiang (all numbers except 3000): they have bookable seats but if full you can also buy a standing ticket (AKA non-reserved ticket) and stand in the aisle or between train cars. There’s no non-reserved section like the HSR.
    – Tze Chiang 3000, Taroko Express, Puyuma Express: Must be booked and mostly likely to sell out first. No standing tickets allowed.

  20. wow, thank you so much, your information is amazing. I think I’ll need to print it out as my guide. I did not know that each passenger would need to have his/her own phone for mobile tickets, so it’s great to learn this ahead of time, since I booked for my friend and me, and she decided not to bring her phone.
    Would you know whether the same policy applies to regular (non-HSR) bookings?

    I am also confused about the luggage rules – I’d just read elsewhere that HSR trains have strict regulations and that extra luggage needs to be checked (and for a fee) but according to you (and you have the latest info) there is room above and at the ends of each compartment. Can you help clarify? and do you know if the same applies to regular trains?

    Thank you so much in advance

  21. Yes, it’s the same thing for TRA train bookings in Taiwan. If you aren’t able to do this, then you can just show your booking number and passport to have the tickets printed at any convenience store or HSR/train station ticket window in Taiwan. As for luggage, I’ve never heard of any travelers having any issue when traveling with a normal/reasonable amount of luggage. The official guidelines state “A passenger’s personal belongings may not exceed 150cm in length per piece; 220cm in total length, width and height per piece; and 40kg in total weight.” (from here: https://www.thsrc.com.tw/event/regulations/PassengerTransportationContract.pdf) Basically if you’re traveling with some larger than normal luggages, or you’re just one person but trying to bring several large luggages, that’s where might need to pay extra to have it checked through.

  22. Hi Nick, thanks for all this detailed information!

    I purchased an discounted HSR ticket on Klook two days ago (April 27) and I’m unable to find my ticket on the HSR website with either “Redeem Code” Or “Forgot Order Information” method. I have triple checked the details of both and tried both yesterday and today. What advice do you have for redeeming the voucher? Thanks.

  23. Did you buy just one ticket for one person? Make sure when you enter the redeem code that you remove the slash at the front. For example /DX3B54SL then only input DX3B54SL.If you bought for 2 people, it might look like /DX3B54SL/PY6B78YH. So try only DX3B54SL with one of your passports and try again the same one but with the other passport. If it still doesn’t work try PY6B78YH with both passports also. If still not, try clicking “forgot order information” and follow the steps there.

  24. Hi Nic, what’s price different between the standard & business class seats esp from Taipei to Taichung? Also the different for seats’ leg space between the standard & business class? Is it worth to book business from Taipei to Taichung & how long is the ride

  25. I have never tried business class because they normal class is great and has tons of leg room. You can check the prices on the HSR website.

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