About Me

My name is Nick Kembel and I’ve got a confession: I’ve been obsessed with Taiwan for 15 years!

After completing a BA in Cultural Anthropology and backpacking to over 50 countries, I came to Taiwan in 2008 as an English teacher. My plan was to stay for a year then move somewhere else. At the end of that year, I met my now wife on the Taipei MRT, and I just never left!

Over the years I transitioned from teaching to editing work for local publishers to travel writing, my true passion. I regularly contributed to local magazines such as Travel in Taiwan, Centered on Taipei, and Discover Taipei, as well as major networks like CNN and National Geographic.

I’ve also written a book about Taiwan called Taiwan in the Eyes of a Foreigner (2011), done presentations for Taiwan tourism and guest hosted a CNN documentary about Taipei.

Finally, I decided to focus solely on my personal websites, including my main travel site nickkembel.com and now this dedicated Taiwan travel blog, Taiwan Obsessed.

My goal is to make this the best resource available about traveling in Taiwan and Taiwanese culture. Besides working on this site, I also spend a lot of time answering questions from my readers in my Taiwan Travel Planning group on Facebook.

If you found this website particularly useful and want to say thanks, you can buy me a coffee here. I’m not super active on social media (besides my Facebook group), but you can find me here:
Nick Kembel in Taipei
The cover of the book "Taiwan in the Eyes of a Foreigner" by Nick Kembel
Nick Kembel traveling in Taiwan

Some photos of me in Taiwan: