The Best 24-Hour Restaurants in Taipei (with a map to find them!)

Restaurants that are open all night in Taipei

Taipei is a city with a serious appetite. The availability of delicious food does not cease after the MRT, night markets, and night clubs close.

In this article, I’ll introduce around 20 all-night restaurants and food stalls in Taipei. The biggest category will 24-hour breakfast shops, traditional breakfast being Taipei’s classic post-bar food choice.

This will be followed by 24-hour dim sum restaurants and 24-hour noodle shops. Finally, we can’t forget about fast food (especially Japanese meat & rice bowls), and the city’s ubiquitous convenience stores.

Taipei All-Night Restaurants Maps

Here’s a map showing every twenty-four-hour restaurant I’ll mention in this article. I’ve also linked to the GoogleMaps location under each entry since most of the names on the map are in Mandarin so they may not be so easy to identify.


24-Hour Breakfast Shops

If Westerners scarf down greasy pizza or shawarma after a night of heavy drinking or night clubbing, the Taiwan equivalent is all-night breakfast shops.

These places offer the full spread of comfort breakfast food that anyone living in Taiwan loves on a normal day, except in the middle of the night. Since there is hardly any gap between the late night drinking crowd and the early morning risers, it only makes sense that many of them stay open around the clock.

It’s also no surprise that several of them are located near big night clubs and bars!

Old Soy Milk House

Old Soy Milk House (老漿家) is a little nicer are more modern inside than your average breakfast shop, but we won’t hold that against them. It’s on Yanji Street near Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, in the popular bar, shopping, and dining district of Zhongxiao East Road.

They do the main breakfast classics you’d hope for: baked sesame rolls stuffed with fried dough stick (燒餅油條 or shaobing youtiao), rice rolls (飯糰 or fantuan), steamed buns, and green onion crepes (蛋餅 or danbing). You can help yourself to some tasty sauces.

They also have a few uncommon menu items, like matcha soy milk (抹茶豆乳) and green onion crepes made with rice instead of wheat (河粉蛋餅 or hefen danbing).

Unusually for Taiwan, they’ve got an English menu and can even speak some English, too. Perfect if you’re too boozed up to whip out your rusty Chinese skills.

Hong Ji Soy Milk

Also on Yanji Street but north of Zhongxiao East Road, Hong Ji Soy Milk (宏記豆漿) is another 24-hour breakfast shops serving late night clubbers around Zhongxiao East Road.

This one looks more like most of us have come to expect from an all-night breakfast shop in Taipei. It’s got steam, bright fluorescent lights, short bar stools, and canteen ordering vibes.  

As for the menu, it’s got every item you’d expect at a breakfast shop, including soup dumpling (小籠包 or xiaolongbao), radish cakes (蘿蔔糕 or luobogao), fantuan, danbing, and salty soy milk with fried dough stick (鹹豆漿加油條).

The menu is in Chinese, but if you ask, they’ve got an English and Japanese translation kicking around.

Yonghe Soy Milk Guangfu South

You won’t have to stumble too far from the night clubs around Taipei 101 to this 24-hour branch of Yonghe Soy Milk (永和豆漿).

Don’t confuse this one with others, as half the breakfast shops in Taipei seem to be named Yonghe Soy Milk, Yonghe Soy Milk King, and so on. It all started with one shop in Yonghe District of New Taipei City in the 1950s, where two retired Chinese soldiers set up a shop selling common wheat-based breakfast fare from Northern China, which has now become the standard Taiwanese breakfast.

Anyways, some Yonghe Soy Milk shops in Taipei are open late, but this is one of the few that never closes. They have a relatively simple menu of classics like danbing, stuffed chive pockets (韭菜盒 or jiucai he), and steamed buns (包子 or baozi).

Rui An Soy Milk

Over by Da’an Park and Technology Building MRT, Rui An Soy Milk (瑞安豆漿大王) is a staple among locals. With a semi-covered tables facing an intersection, you can scarf down Taiwanese breakfast just a few steps off the street.

The vast menu includes steamed buns, danbing, soup dumplings, fantuan, plus some noodle soups, regular dumplings, and congees. One very popular and different-than-usual item is their bacon danbing (培根蛋餅), which comes with bean sprouts.

Rui An is just a couple blocks from this very famous Yong He Soy Milk King branch, which attracts tourist masses and always has lines. So if the line looks too long there, just head to Rui An. Also, that Yonghe is only open till 1 AM.

There’s no English, but the staff will do their best to feed you.

Shenye Wei Gui

If you need 24-hour breakfast and don’t want to venture too far from Ximending’s popular pedestrian district, you’ll have to settle for this spot. Shenye Wei Gui (深夜未歸) literally means “Didn’t return late at night”.

This all-night breakfast shop has some pretty harsh reviews, with a mere rating of 2.3 stars on GoogleMaps.

Still, where else in Ximending can you get braised pork rice (滷肉飯 or luroufan), cheese danbing, breakfast burgers, deep fried fish cakes (甜不辣 or tianbula), and instant noodles fried with meat in the middle of the night?

Big Taipei Soy Milk King

If you’re willing to make a bit of a trek from Ximending, Longshan Temple, or Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall areas to Big Taipei Soy Milk King (大台北豆漿大王), you’ll find better quality than the last entry at this popular-among-locals brekkie shop. This one is open all night, but does take a break from around 11 AM to 6 PM.

Besides the pretty standard menu, you’ll find hot dog buns stuffed with meat, eggs, and veggies, pre-wrapped on the counter, as well as rice rolls wrapped in egg (蛋包飯糰), which I would highly recommend. Their salty soy milk with youtiao, danbing, and xiaolongbao are also popular.

The shop is close to Nanjichang Night Market and Taipei Botanical Garden.

Come Come Soy Milk

What do you do if you find yourself up in Neihu with the late-night munchies? You come come to Lai Lai Soy Milk (來來豆漿), a classic 24-hour breakfast chain with this location near Miramar (the big mall with the Ferris Wheel).

All the usual breakfast menu items are represented: danbing, shaobing, steamed dumplings (水煎包), chive pockets, salty soy milk with fried dough sticks, soup dumplings, pot stickers (鍋貼), and more.

It’s between Jiannan Rd. MRT and Xihu MRT on the brown line.

24-Hour Dim Sum

There are loads of dim sum restaurants in Taipei, with a few of them running around the clock. If you’re used to dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong or Guangdong, you may find that Taiwanese dim sum is not totally the same or as flavorful, but it comes close.

These all-night restaurants are generally best with a small group of people, so you can share more items. They aren’t ideal to visit alone.

Luckstar Banquet Hall

Close up of steamed shumai dim sum in a bamboo basket

Luckstar Banquet Hall (吉星港式飲茶) is very popular and long-running dim sum restaurant in Taipei. Come here for classic dim sum fare anytime of day or night. It can get quite busy and noisy, and sometimes there’s a line.

The restaurant is on the second floor. Find the stairwell next to the 7-Eleven. The windows inside offer views of trees outside and across Nanjing East Road in Linsen Park. There’s no English on the menu, but there are pictures you could point at. There’s no classic dim sim cart that comes around, only the menu.

It’s about halfway between Zhongshan MRT on the Red Line and Songjiang Nanjing MRT on the Blue Line, just north of a neighborhood of Japanese-style hostess bars.

Citystar Restaurant

Citystar Restaurant (京星港式飲茶) is another very well-known dim sum restaurant in Taipei, plus it’s open around the clock.

The restaurant is on the second floor, right at the very busy intersection of at Zhongxiao East Road and Dunhua South Road, at Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT station, so if you’ve spent any amount of time in Taipei, you’ve possible walked past it. This is the heart of the Zhongxiao East Road shopping and dining district, almost bustling in the evening.

In terms of authenticity of the dim sum, people seem to either love or hate this place – you can be the judge! Again there’s no English on the menu but it does have pictures.

Some small dishes may be placed on your table at the start, which you can choose to keep or not. They also don’t have the classic dim sum cart that comes around.

24-Hour Noodle Shops

If its noodles ye seek, try the below 24-hour noodle shops. Your main options will be beef noodles or vegetarian cold noodles with sesame sauce.

Fuhong, Caihong, and Jianhong Beef Noodles

Three famous beef noodle shops are on the same block in the north of Ximending, close to Taipei Main Station. These are Fuhong Beef Noodles (富宏牛肉麵), Caihong Beef Noodles (采宏牛肉麵), and Jianhong Beef Noodles (建宏牛肉麵).

Fuhong is the more famous of the three, and Caihong comes in second. All of them focus mainly on their signature dish: beef noodles (牛肉麵) or beef soup (牛肉湯), beef tendons noodles/soup (牛雜麵/湯), or a combo of the two (綜合).

Fuhong and Caihong also have beef soup with dumplings (牛肉湯餃) and regular dumplings (水餃), while Jianhong and Caihong have vegetarian sesame noodles (麻醬麵).

They also have a few small side dishes (客式小菜) that you can choose from, as well as spicy sauces and pickled vegetables (酸菜) at the tables which you can add to your soup.

Ximen Noodle

At the southern end of Ximending, Ximen Noodle (西門麵店) is a local hole-in-the-wall restaurant that is open all night, except Sunday night.

While this shop isn’t as “famous” as the above three, there’s more than just beef noodles (牛肉麵) and vegetarian cold sesame noodles (涼麵) on the menu.

They’ve also got pork knuckle rice (豬腳飯), mutton soup (羊肉湯), wonton soup (餛飩湯), fish ball soup (魚丸湯), black vinegar noodles (烏醋乾麵), and cool aiyu jelly (檸檬愛玉) for dessert. There’s no English menu, but the friendly staff will help.

The shop is right next to the Red House LGBTQ+ bar district, the best collection of bar patios in the city. How convenient!

Liu Mama Cold Noodles

Liu Mama Cold Noodles (劉媽媽涼麵) isn’t 24 hours but it’s open all night, from 9:30 PM to 9 AM (closed Mondays, only open till 5 AM on Tuesdays.

Come here for delicious, very local, vegetarian cold sesame noodles (涼麵). Choose small (小) or large (大), with the option to add egg with green onions (蔥蛋) or poached egg (荷包蛋). There’s also miso soup (味增湯), with the option to add egg (味增蛋花) or meatballs (味增貢丸).

The shop is just north of Songshan Cultural and Creative Park at Sun Yat-sen MRT.

Fu Te Cold Noodles

Fu Te Cold Noodles (福德涼麵) is another 24-hour cold noodle shop, conveniently within walking distance of Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT.

This one includes the usual vegetarian cold noodles with sesame sauce (素食涼麵), as well as two meat versions: meat sauce cold noodles (炸醬涼麵) and cold noodles with meat strips (炸菜肉絲涼麵). They also have the same three soups I mentioned in the previous entry.

Fast Food & Convenience Stores & Fast Food

If you’re up all night, there’s no shame in getting a meal at 7-Eleven or a fast food joint. Convenience store dining and drinking is a way of life in Taiwan, while fast food joints are go-to places for people to study/work all night or even take a nap.

24-Hour Fast Food Chains

Only a few of Taipei’s fast food chains stay open around the clock, and even then, only some branches. These can be a good place to sober up, catch some shut-eye, study or read all night, or use the toilet if you need it.

Some McDonalds are 24 hours, like this one in Ximending and this one on Zhongxiao East Road, but most of them are not.

Some Sukiya (すき家) branches, which do Japanese meat and rice bowls, are also open all night, including this one near Taipei Main Station, this one near Dongmen MRT, this one in Shilin, and this one near Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. Browse their menu online here.

A similar but newer restaurant, Matsuya (松屋 西門町店), also doing Japanese meat bowls, is open almost all night (the take a break from 4 to 5 AM) at this branch in Ximending. Yet another, Yoshinoya, also takes a break only from 4 to 5 AM at this location by Taipei Main and this one by Songjiang Nanjing MRT.

Yet another choice is the Japanese chain Mos Burger, which has seafood burgers and burgers on rice buns, along with the usual ones. A few locations that are 24 hours are this one on Zhongxiao East Road and this one in Zhongshan area, but most are not open all night.

Convenience Stores

A 7-Eleven at night with many people walking on the dark street outside it
Snacks and liquor available all night

Most convenience stores in Taipei are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Major chains that are open 24 hours include 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, and HiLife. If you haven’t experience a convenience store in this part of the world yet, be ready to be impressed.

Meals available at these convenience stores include instant noodles, sandwiches, sushi, microwave pasta or curry rice, salads, onigiri (飯糰 or fantuan in Chinese), oden (關東煮 or guandong zhu), tea eggs, and all kinds of packaged snacks.

Importantly, these convenience stores sell booze around the clock, including cold beer and canned cocktails, wine, and everything you need to make DIY cocktails – cups, ice, spirits, and mixes.

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